Cornelly Development Trust is a community regeneration charity, based in North Cornelly, Bridgend, South Wales  We cover the whole of Bridgend County Borough with our activities and services but focus predominantly on the village of Cornelly.

We work with local people to improve community facilities and activities, and our volunteers gain valuable experience while benefitting the wider community with the work that they do.

CDT works to improve the Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural aspects of life in Cornelly and surrounding districts.


Cornelly Development Trust has many years experience of supporting the local community with:

Community events


Social activities

Youth facilities

Employability support

IT Access

Community clean ups

Assistance to create self employment

Signposting to other agencies and organisations for specific support

The Pantry - Community Food Scheme


We aim to alleviate poverty through the creation of social, economic, environmental and cultural activities that lead to local training, volunteering anf employment opportunities, as part of a prosperous, healthy and skilled community.  


  • Fundraising
  • Increasing our membership
  • Serving the local community with food via our Pantry Scheme
  • Helping families to weather the current cost of living crisis
  • Improving our environmental impact
  • Reviewing our range of activities
  • Increasing awareness of our services throughout the area
  • Creating 2 new social enterprises that allow for training, volunteering and ultimately employment of local people.


Cornelly Development Trust is a community based, regeneration organisation, working in a village whose livelihood had been dependent upon traditional patterns of industrial employment; a village that has faced and continues to endure major change.   CADDT was created  in 2005 by local people as a way of responding to social and economic deprivation within the area, issues that are as relevant today as they were 15 years ago.   The organisation is currently registered as a company limited by guarantee 05505171 and a registered charity 1158680.