Aims & Objectives

Our Aims & Objectives

(Things we are allowed to do, and to offer, based on our governing document)

The relief of unemployment

The advancement of education and training among unemployed people and the provision of work experience opportunities 

The relief of poverty in such ways as may be thought fit.

The creation of training and employment opportunities by  the provision of workspace, land and/or buildings etc, at favourable terms

Provision of Housing

Assistance to set up businesses and

self-employment opportunities


The maintenance, improvement and provision of public amenities

Provision of, or assistance to provide recreational facilities to the public

Conservation of the environment

Provision of public health facilities

Provision of childcare

Promotion of Public Safety and Crime Prevention

These are the activities and types of project that CDT is permitted to carry out based on its governing document. 

It does not meant however, that the Trust will undertake any or all of the things listed.