The Pantry

The Pantry - Open to everyone 

We purchase basic food supplies from supermarkets and make them available to the public at substantially reduced prices.  Our Pantry is open to everyone who needs a little help regardless of benefits or personal circumstances.

Call in to the shop after 12 on Mondays, or any other day up to Friday from 9.30am.  Grab a basket and purchase 10 items for £5,

or individual items for 60p each..

There is no need to provide proof of benefits or a Foodbank Voucher.

We'll give you a membership card that allows you to access the Pantry once a week for the 10 discounted items  

If your personal circumstances mean that you need help with food but can't afford £5, please come and see us or talk to us on 01656 670812.  We'll do what we can  to help you. 

This scheme is supported by Cornelly Community Council and subsidised by Cornelly Development Trust